Poetic Justice

Meet conservative firebrand attorney, Jonathan Saenz, and also head of Texas Values a very vocal group of anti-gay bigots.


He is a complete and utter nut and has been one of the most vocal opponents of LGBT rights laws, alleging that they “terrorize women and children” and pave the way for Christian concentration camps. (yes really … see here, and also here).

Life will sometimes take a rather delicious and truly glorious unexpected left-hand turn and this is one such time.

The news that has come out is that his wife left him, and if you read the story what you learn is that he truly is a rather obnoxious intolerant individual. Now that leads me to conclude that she is a rather sensible decent individual and leaving him was indeed very much the right thing, so I can only wish her the very best for the future.

Oh sorry, I forgot to mention something else, she left him for another women.

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