Mythology – Dr Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh

The look on the faces of all the women in the front row tells you a great deal.

Much has been said and no doubt much more will be said, yet I can’t hold back and do need to point out the rather glaring elephant that sits in the room. The Dr Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh hearings are generating quite a lot of Alternative Facts,  we can see this happing in real-time right before our eyes.

For the essence of the hearing itself, Dr Ford was a wholly credible honest reliable witness. Brett Kavanaugh, when not channeling the angry spirit of Trump, was mostly very evasive and also rather blatantly lying under oath. The other point that the Democrat senators drove home very well was the complete lack of interest by the majority of their GOP colleagues in actually finding out the truth.

One highlight was the rather blatant piece of Political Theatre by Franklin Graham that specifically targeted Trump and the Trump base.

The “Devils Triangle” Lie

A rather glaring, in-you-face manufacture of alternative facts was Kavanaugh’s claim that the Devil’s Triangle was just a drinking game and not what it actually is …

“Drinking game,” said Kavanaugh to Whitehouse, who asked how you play.
“Three glasses in a triangle,” said Kavanaugh.
“And?” said Whitehouse.
“You ever played quarters?” asked Kavanaugh.
“No,” said Whitehouse.
“OK, it’s a quarters game,” said Kavanaugh.

Right after he made that claim, as he was still speaking, Wikipedia was edited by a Republican IP address to fit his claim …

His description was quite literally a pure unadulterated in-your-face lie. Just lookup the term in any urban phrase dictionary. Sadly the GOP base will buy it because they desperately need such alternative facts to deem him to be “credible”.

Swirling around this maelstrom are many other fake facts that are designed to manipulate.

Demonising Dr Christine Blasey Ford

There has been a desperate desire to smear Dr Ford with utterly false allegations …

Claim: Photograph of Christine Blasey Ford Holding a ‘Not My President’ Sign?

This was a conservative Facebook page’s attempt to smear Christine Blasey Ford. They used a stock photograph of an entirely different woman.

Claim: Photograph of Semi-Naked Topless Christine Blasey Ford Partying?

Also fake. Apparently any photograph of a woman semi-clothed and drinking can be used to smear the credibility of someone who reported a sexual assault.

Conspiracy Claim: Judge Martha Kavanaugh ruled against Ralph and Paula Blasey

This claim that she is motivated by an inter-generational desire for revenge is also wholly fake.

What is true is that Martha Kavanaugh did preside for certain parts of a 1996 foreclosure case involving Ralph and Paula Blasey, who are indeed Christine Blasey Ford’s parents. However, Kavanaugh actually ruled favorably toward the Blaseys, who ended up keeping their home.

Claim: Christine Blasey Ford Make a Sexual Assault Accusation Against Neil Gorsuch

Again nope, also wholly fake.

Claim: Photograph of Christine Blasey Ford with George Soros

Nope, it is not her.

Claim: Photograph of Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyer with Hillary Clinton

Nope, not her, and not a recent photograph.


Flip that coin over and you find a desperate need to drum up the virtues and mythological grassroots support for Kavanaugh …

Claim: Video of Bikers on Their Way to Washington to Support Brett Kavanaugh

Nope, its is actually a years-old video showing a large number of motorcyclists driving down a highway in Paris.


Are similar myths being manufactured to demonise Brett Kavanaugh? – No.

Are similar myths being manufactured to claim support for Dr Ford? – No.

Those two facts alone should tell you a great deal about who actually holds all the credibility here and who has none. Sadly the GOP base don’t generally give a toss about facts, but instead prefer to embrace myths.

If you do care about what is actually true, then please do remember that when you make a choice on whom to vote for in November.


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