More Islamist updates from Goldsmiths ISOC

image_thumb5The Goldsmiths saga continues. I truly thought my last posting on the abysmal behaviour by members of the Islamic Society (ISOC) at Goldsmiths university would be the last one, but no, the saga continues, and so their latest statement prompts me to point out that their belligerent condescending attitude towards anybody who has the temerity to criticise the ideas they promote by force continues unabated.

As a quick reminder …

A gang of homophobic misogynistic Islamist thugs turned up at a talk at Goldsmiths university give by secular, ex-Muslim, pro-gay-rights, feminist activist and proceeded to harass and intimidate her, then lied about what happened. The LGBT and Feminist societies then decided to bestow upon themselves the role of “Turkeys voting for Christmas” and issued statements of support for the Islamist thugs, and the response of the Students Union has been an attempt to bury the evidence of what actually happened.

… and that left many many people completely and utterly dumbfounded by it all, not just because of the behaviour of the ISOC members, but also because both the feminist and LGBT societies openly offered their support for this group of ISOC individuals who have an established track record of being extremely hostile towards everything that they stand for.

I’m really not kidding, here is a tweet issued by Mr Patel, the ISOC president …


.. and this is the guy that the Goldsmiths LGBT society has stood up to support, and by doing so have taken a stance against Maryam Namazie who promotes gay rights.

What is the latest Update?

The Goldsmiths Islamic Society has issued a statement:

In light of recent allegations attributed to, Muhammed Patel, a meeting was called to discuss a motion of no confidence. Soon after Muhammad tendered his resignation and it was accepted by the committee.

In the interim, the committee will appoint an acting president to serve for the remainder of the academic year.

The committee would like to extend gratitude to all societies on campus specifically the FemSoc and LGBTQ societies’ for their continued support in the face of inaccurate assertions, threats and Islamophobic messages. Hate speech of any kind has no place in our society.

Goldsmiths Islamic Society

First point – They are still lying. The claim that they faced “inaccurate assertions, threats and Islamophobic messages” is not a factual statement, because if you watch the video of the full event, you discover the truth of what really happened and who was being disruptive, intimidating and threatening.

Second Point – This is not about just one individual, Mr Patel, but rather is about their behaviour as a group. He was not the sole ISOC member who behaved in a threatening and intimidating manner.

Attempts to engage them fall upon deaf ears

Many have commented pointing out to them that what they have been doing needs to be fixed if they are to retain any credibility at all, for example …


This is very sensible and practical guidance, but the response they have opted to go for is to simply keep repeating the same lies, and to delete any and all comments they deem inappropriate, including the above.

However, there was one comment they really should pay special attention to because it truly does sum up the deep irony of their prevailing stance ..


As a demonstration of the ISOC’s complete lack of any and all commitment to integrity, honesty, and openness, they have turned their backs, refused to engage and discuss, but instead simply deleted the above.

Without any form of dialog taking place there can be no real progress here.

And for the record, some Muslims are indeed very very sensible …

Most Muslims are decent honourable people who truly wish no harm to anybody, so this posting is specifically a criticism that is targeting the ISOC members who have taken it upon themselves to embrace a variation of Islamic belief that inspires them to fall into the role of misogynistic homophobic intolerant twats.

As an example of others who are a stark contrast to ISOC, here is a group of Muslims who have banded together to take a far more tolerant rational stance …

A coalition of Muslim writers, activists and politicians has launched a “Muslim Reform Movement” rejecting violence and calling for a defence of secularism, democracy and liberty.

The reformers have issued a Declaration defending gender equality, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, stating that they are for “secular governance” and “against political movements in the name of religion.”

They have called for the separation of “mosque and state” and emphatically reject the “idea of the Islamic state”.

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  1. Those idiots can take a long walk on a short pier for all I care. What I wonder is, have the feminist / LGBT groups changed their initial stance of support? Honestly this tolerance towards intolerance in the name of culturalism drives me nuts. As far as I can see, it’s just a shallow, intellectual rebellion of youth and a totally unoriginal one to boot. These folks are basically no different from the college kids who used to go around idealizing the former USSR and making excuses for Pol Pot and Mao.


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