Bill Maher doing Stand-Up About Religion

Now here is a nice little collection of Bill Maher doing Stand-Up About Religion …

Like bees to the scent of nectar, the clip has attracted the usual collection of believers within the comments frantically trying to make a coherent rebuttal … and totally failing to do so.

  • Number of comments – 7,230
  • Number of thumbs down for clip – 646  [6.5%]
  • Number of thumbs up for clip – 9,201 [93.5%] (well, OK one of them was me … so let’s just say 9,200)
  • Number of views since it was posted last May – 1,082,846

Yes, it’s really really popular.

What I love about clips like this is that while it is of course wholly valid fact-based criticism of religious beliefs, it has been done as comedy, and that perhaps is in many way the very best type of reply to such utterly daft ideas. If somebody was to post a video that simply laid out the facts and criticised the utter insanity of it all, then the number of hits would in all probability by a rather small percentage of the views here, yet because this is stand-up comedy, then it is an entirely different story – over 1 million views and the vast majority of those that opted to select an opinion (93.5%) clicked “Like”

Now that is truly effect means of communication, and of course is quite hilarious and also truly entertaining as well.

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