Bonya Ahmed gives the Voltaire Lecture 2015: ‘Fighting machetes with pens’ – #BHAVoltaire

Bonya_Ahmed_gives_the_Voltaire_Lecture_2015___Fighting_machetes_with_pens__-_YouTubeAvijit Roy, the Bangladeshi American online activist, writer, and blogger known for pioneering Bengali freethinkers’ weblog-forum, Mukto-Mona, was brutally hacked to death by machete-wielding Islamists in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 26 February 2015. While he and his wife, Bonya Ahmed, were returning home from the fair by bicycle rickshaw, they were intercepted, dragged them from the rickshaw and attacked. Roy died, but his wife survived.

The British Humanist Association invited his wife, Bonya Ahmed, to give a seminal lecture on the daily threat faced by Bangladeshi humanist bloggers and others like them around the world, and so summoning courage and strength she presented an inspirational account of her life with Avijit and also outlined why freedom of expression and Humanism are causes worth fighting for.

Below you will find the YourTube clip of her full lecture that has just been published by the BHA, so you may now also be inspired by her courage …

The full text of Bonya’s speech is available at:…

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