Bill Maher: Christianity Under Attack?

Real_Time_with_Bill_Maher__Christianity_Under_Attack__–_June_5__2015__HBO__-_YouTubeSometimes he really does nail it. What faced with the absurd rhetoric that “Christianity is Under Attack by Liberals”, Bill proceeds to not simply slice and dice this nonsense, he complete and utterly nukes it with the facts …

There are of course many out there who believe the absurd rhetoric, and so what needs to be made clear is that they are being lied to time after time. Those that promote such stuff might indeed be pandering to religious belief in order to garner a few votes, but in an age when such things can no longer remain hidden, they are simply blowing the credibility of anything that they might have to say about anything at all.

The clip above has had over 660,000 views.

Meanwhile over on Facebook, the same clip has been viewed almost 2 million times and shared close to 50,000 times.

Psychologically what is perhaps really happening here is that many Christians are personally struggling to retain archaic literal beliefs, and are blaming others for that self-induced stress. Meanwhile, to those that do take issue with all of this, no equality for all is not oppression, and not being permitted to impose your beliefs upon everybody is not persecution, because rather ironically the only real persecution going on is being dished out, not against, but by right-wing extremely religious fundamentalists.

Luckily we live in an age when most, regardless of their belief or non-belief, are decent honourable humans who strive for tolerance and equality, so really we are only talking about a minority and the few crazy politicians who try to pander to them.

As an aside, when some of these politicians use the word “Christianity”, they specifically mean fundamentalist evangelicals, and would (if asked) explain that the vast majority who do not believe exactly what they believe, such as Catholics or other mainstream protestant variations, are not really true Christians, but then that is not a surprise because nobody, and I really mean nobody at all, have ever been appointed to be an official spokesman (or women) for all the vast diversity of all the different types of Christianity.

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