Quick, brush your teeth

Interesting article in Science Daily today … apparently … Plaque-causing bacteria can jailbreak from the mouth into the bloodstream and increase your risk of heart attack, says a scientist at the Society for General Microbiology’s autumn meeting in Nottingham. Professor Howard Jenkinson, from the University of Bristol explains how oral bacteria can wreak havoc if … Read more

Islam and Democracy – Incompatable?

The following news article has surfaced … The Taliban on Sunday announced plans to disrupt Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections, scheduled for September 18. A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, told reporters that the balloting is just for the benefit of the foreigners who he says are occupying the country. And he urged the Afghan people to boycott … Read more

Science Stories In The News this week

Here is this weeks collection of science news stories that triggered my “Hey, that’s cool” detector. As always, if I’ve missed anything that is truly cool, then drop a comment and I’ll do an update that includes a hat tip you. The most obvious big news story this week was Stephen Hawkins declaring that we … Read more

Water on Mars – More evidence

Click to see a larger image on the Guardian web site … From Today’s Guardian …click here … This image, provided by NASA, shows volcanic cones on Mars that are similar in size and shape to cones found in Iceland where hot lava has run over wet ground. The heat from the lava boils the … Read more

Iranian Clerics being grossly immoral yet again

Once again we have yet another example of how barbaric the Islamic regime in Iran is. There are reports that they have sentenced Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani – the 43-year-old Iranian woman who faces execution after being convicted of adultery – to 99 lashes in prison for “spreading corruption and indecency”. So what exactly does that … Read more