Exercise Improves Memory and Brain Health

That old book of fables, the bible claims, “Bodily exercise profiteth little”,  science has now yielded further information that clearly demonstrates this is simply not true at all. A new study shows that one year of moderate physical exercise can increase the size of the brain’s hippocampus in older adults, leading to an improvement in … Read more

‘Laughing stock’ libel laws to be reformed, says Nick Clegg

Now this is good news .. really really good news. The article in todays Guardian says it all … Nick Clegg pledged to turn ‘English libel laws from a laughing stock to an international blueprint.’ Photograph: Wpa /Getty Images Nick Clegg will tomorrow set out the most ambitious plans yet to relax Britain’s libel laws, … Read more

Pakistani student accused of blasphemy

This news is just out … (cut and pasted from here) A Pakistani student was arrested on a blasphemy charge for allegedly writing derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammed in his test papers, police said. Police in the port city of Karachi said the student was taken into custody following a complaint from the head of … Read more

D-Day looms for RIM in India

The Indian Government gave RIM (thats Reseach in Motion, the folks who do Blackberrys) until the end of January (today) to provide lawful intercept capabilities to emails sent from BlackBerry handsets … and if they don’t, then action will apparently be taken. Now, what is truly insane about all this is that RIM has already … Read more