Wingnut Weekly – 29 Sep 2019

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For quite literally millions, Trump has been supposedly chosen by a God to serve in office. Those making that claim do indeed truly merit the wingnut badge. I’m not exactly sure how the “especially chosen” claim works. Are they seriously claiming that a God rigged the ballots, or that we don’t have free will?

We should perhaps also not forget that this supposedly divinely appointed representative is a foulmouthed, thrice-married vulgarian who boasts of grabbing women by their private parts and paid hush money to a porn star alleging an extramarital affair.

Support for this guy tells you a great deal about the values that those that continue to support him embrace. In other words, he is not the messiah, instead he is just a very naughty boy.

Did any Wingnut pop up during the last 7 days?

Indeed yes, that’s more or less guaranteed. Here is this week’s select of gems …

The Cult of Trump …

  • Wanda Alger asserts that President Trump has faced extreme opposition …. “because of the Lord’s favor on him and his mission to defeat the globalists, communists, socialists and every other group that wants to rid our nation of God and our sovereign republic.”
    • Hint: that’s not why people oppose him.
  • Josh Bernstein declares that everyone has to vote for Trump in 2020 …. “because the alternative is misery, depression, death, poverty, loss of jobs, loss of freedom, loss of freedom of speech, the loss of your Second Amendment rights. The list is endless.”
    • Josh fails to grasp that a vote for Trump guarantees all of that
  • Chris McDonald: God Will Destroy the Democrats for Trying to Impeach Trump
  • Rick Wiles says that … “if you support the overthrow of the president, you are a domestic enemy of the republic.” 

Meanwhile The Barack Obama Fan Club is alive and well …

The Hillary Clinton fan club is also thriving …

Gun Violence theories …

  • David Lane knows what is the blame for mass shootings in America:… “The blatant disavowal and renunciation of God in America, along with last century’s exodus of Christians from the public square, provide the key to explaining America’s frenzied headlong plunge into cultural depravation. Those in rebellion against God plundered the culture and abolished the Founding Fathers’ biblically based laws, customs and early education models.”

Greta Thunberg …

Why attack Greta? – Because Climate Change is Imaginary …

Activism …

  • Doug Hagmann bravely declares that he’s ready to storm the Capitol and start arresting the Democrats and “deep state” operatives who are supposedly working to take down Trump: … “Give me the flippin’ handcuffs. I know a dozen people right now, let’s get the handcuffs, let’s go to Capitol Hill, and let’s start frog-marching these morons out of there.”
    • It would be fascinating to see him actually try this. Reality is that he would be arrested and face charges.

What else happened?

Lots of other stuff.

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious …

Is there any positive good news out there?

Actually, yes there is …

Tweet of the week

2 thoughts on “Wingnut Weekly – 29 Sep 2019”

  1. So i guess when the TRUMP train express plows through 2020 those of you that need your safe rooms will be needing cry rooms. Where is your condemnation of Allah….I dare you.

    • // So i guess when the TRUMP train express plows through 2020 those of you that need your safe rooms will be needing cry rooms. //
      Your beloved messiah does not invest in railways … you are quite literally running out of track.

      // Where is your condemnation of Allah….I dare you.//
      Been there done that, simply use the search option for this site to find it all … I dare you.


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