Wingnut Weekly – 13 Oct 2019

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When faced with the various wingnut proclamations then you do have to seriously wonder who they are attempting to communicate with. The gullible and the easily manipulated is the most viable answer. Nobody else can take such ideas seriously. During the past week we have been given the strong suggestion that Trump should execute his … Read moreWingnut Weekly – 13 Oct 2019

Wingnut Weekly – 29 Sep 2019

wingnut in chief

For quite literally millions, Trump has been supposedly chosen by a God to serve in office. Those making that claim do indeed truly merit the wingnut badge. I’m not exactly sure how the “especially chosen” claim works. Are they seriously claiming that a God rigged the ballots, or that we don’t have free will? We … Read moreWingnut Weekly – 29 Sep 2019

Wingnut Weekly – 15th Sep 2019


What is truly fascinating is that when faced with the various pronouncements, claims, and assertions that the wingnut clan continues to promote, there is no need to do anything except to simply quote their own words. It is all so bizarre, absurd, and utterly daft, that any attempt at satire or mockery would be pointless … Read moreWingnut Weekly – 15th Sep 2019

Alex Jones Has Been Named In Two More Defamation Suits

alex jones

This is quite frankly wonderful news, it could not have happened to a nicer person than Alex Jones of Infowars fame. Let’s first give you a bit of context. If you have no idea who Alex Jones actually is, then the background context is that he is most probably the leading conspiracy theory promoter in … Read moreAlex Jones Has Been Named In Two More Defamation Suits