3 thoughts on “Scientific evidence for God’s existence”

  1. Great link – love the tumble-weed!

    @Wayne “take the creation story in Genesis” – which one?

  2. Ah, but you’ve made one major mistake. You assume that Religion and Science are incompatible, which they are not. There is nothing in the Bible which is incompatible with science.

    Take the Creation story in Genesis. Now take what we know about the creation of the universe, borrow Doc Brown’s Delorean, go back and visit Moses. Try to explain the creation of the universe to him in under an hour. We’ll assume that he can understand you somehow, maybe you’ve borrowed a Universal Translator from Star Trek.

    Moses was an educated man for his day. The problem is that he doesn’t have the background and knowledge to understand what you are talking about. His interpretation of what you tell him (remember that Moses is the person who is traditionally responsible for writing the first four books of the old testament) might well be the Creation story.

    Or something like the Creation story, after it was edited by later scribes.



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