Pac-Man is now available in Google Maps … yes really

Nothing serious today, time for a break. So when it comes to April 1st, Google won the Internet for the day (and perhaps every other day as well).

Go to Google Maps, click any location, then right beside the usual satellite view, click that new logo, and it renders the map into a Pac-Man game that you can actually play … yes seriously, it really works, and appeared a few days ago …


Hey, this is so good I do wish they would keep it … but no, it will soon vanish.

Until then … you can play PacMan in any location on the planet, so pick your location, the click the icon highlighted below …


… and you can start playing Pac-Man in say … Paris …


… or anywhere else at all.

So wherever it might be … enjoy.

Oh and if you don’t like the Google variation, then why not try the original (I’m hosting it here) – have fun.

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