Hitler joined the Mormon church … in 1993 … WTF!!

Courtesy of a blog posting from Professor Bruce M Hood, is the news that Hitler apparently joined the Mormon church in 1993. This is not the story of some poor bloke with the same name, but rather is fully certified proof that Adolf “lets-invade-Poland” Hitler was baptised into their fold… you can click on the image to the left to confirm.

What is quite surprising here is the fact that being dead does not appear to have hindered his decision to join. As Bruce reports …

Initially, the Mormons denied that the ceremony had taken place but it is clear from this blog, that Hitler had been converted to Mormonism, even if he did not know it. They even tried to delete the entry, but the record here appears to confirm that Hitler had been “endowed” (funny that, I had always heard rumours to the opposite) into the Mormon church in Utah.

Now, it should be no surprise to learn that a few folks are upset about this … specifically …

all these shenanigans of baptizing Holocaust victims and prominent Nazis upsets the Jewish community.

But then that begs the question, as to why they are so upset? Since the Jewish community by definition hold a rather different set beliefs that are not aligned with Mormon beliefs, they will obviously consider the mormon belief in Baptising the Dead to be superstitious nonsense, so why the frack are they getting upset about other peoples superstitious nonsense, yet at the same time get very upset when some question their fanatical beliefs that have resulted in untold misery for so many non-Jewish people in Palestine and its surroundings.

As for the Mormons, it all causes me to wonder when other notables such as Nero and Genghis Khan will be joining… perhaps they already have. It is of course quite gratifying to appreciate that I  simply do not need to ridicule such silly superstitious nonsense, the Mormon believers appear to be doing a fine job of that all by themselves.

You can read Bruce’s blog posting by clicking here.

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