God suffers a crippling bout of existential dread

The Onion reports … “God Freaks Self Out By Lying Awake Contemplating Own Immortality

Lets get it right from the start … it is satire … OK … (the fact that you really do need to spell that out at times can indeed be a truly scary observation), so anyway, here is a brief snippet of that …

THE HEAVENS—Sources close to God reported Thursday that the Creator of the Universe and Author of Our Eternal Salvation suffered a crippling bout of existential dread this week, lying awake all night as He pondered His own immortality.

Anxiously drumming His fingers, the all-powerful being was reportedly unable to sleep as His mind raced with thoughts of the unfathomable nature of eternity, the relentless expansion of space and time, and His own never-ending existence.

“Is this all there is? I’m here now, 70 or 80 years go by, and then I’m still here—forever?”

Hat tip to DJ for the link to that one … I enjoyed it.

Now moving on, what have Jesus and Mo been up to recently? Well this …


Sometimes the best response is to just laugh at the truly absurd, it is a far better alternative than a rant.

OK, one more thought, we should also remember not to freak out if people do go into a religious mode at this time of year, because often the intent is not to inflict Jebus on you, but rather they are simply wishing you well using terminology they are familiar with …

It is fine not to believe, but please … do not be a complete and utter twat when others deploy religious terms, and instead just chill a bit.

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