Solid Proof of a Miracle, an X-Ray – How credible is this?

Nic Walker explains his miracle and presents proof

Evangelist Nik Walker, on the right in the above image, appeared on the a show run by Pastor Perry Stone. There he explained that he has solid proof of a real miracle. The clip was being promoted, but has now been scrubbed and buried. You will soon see why.

First, here is a tweet with the clip, because the original has gone, this is all that remains now. In it Nik Walker explains what happened …

Very briefly the claim is this. A chap with a seriously damaged hand was recently baptised. His hand was so bad he was unable to use it. Nik explains that when they baptised him the hand was cured completely. Immediately afterwards, he walked to a nearby hospital, and asked the staff to x-Ray his hand because he wanted documented proof that the miracle was real and his cure had really happened.

Here is the X-Ray that Nik presented in the above clip …

Nik explains … “The Lord had totally realigned his bones, closed the gaps … in other scans they found the nerves had been realigned“.

This is truly amazing, proof of a real miracle … or is it?

I have questions

If we wanted to be truly objectively sure, then a few details would be needed. For example, obvious questions to ask would be …

  • Who exactly was this guy, can we have a name please, and also a precise date for when this happened, and the name of the hospital?
  • Are there medical records available that verify his hand before his Baptism?
  • etc…

There are also other more interesting questions to ponder over. If you are familiar with X-Rays and bone structure, then one rather obvious question to perhaps ask is this – why do we see four very different hands and not four images of the same hand?

What should also be obvious to an experienced X-Ray technician is that those are not adult hands. Most would not know that, but those with experience would immediately spot that.

The Reveal

Google that image and what you will discover is that it actually comes from a scientific article published in Nature back in 2018. To be specific, it is this article that is titled “The characteristics of positive and confusing hand X-ray signs in diagnosing Kashin–Beck Disease in children in China“. There you will find that it is Figure 1, and is described as radiological images of four different Chinese children.

Let’s Ask Nic

Questions were sent to Nic asking the rather obvious. To be specific, “Why are you presenting a fraudulent claim? Here is definitive proof that you are lying, do you have any comment?”

No response of course. They have quickly removed the claim and are perhaps hoping that we all forget this rather blatant attempt at deliberate fraud.

So remember the name folks, Nic Walker, and also let’s not forget Perry Stone who hosted this. They are simply running a con to ensure that the donations keep rolling in.

It works like this. If you attempt to defraud people and get caught, then you go to jail. If however you wrap it all up with religion, then that in effect becomes your get-out-of-jail free card.

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