Proof of Alien Life on MARS … Pictures available

Various media outlets are reporting a rather startling revelation …

Life on Mars? Alien ‘experts’ claim NASA images show ‘giant space worm’

alien wormImages from NASA show a cylindrical “space worm”, according to alien life research group Secure Team 10.

The team compared two snaps captured by the Mars Rover – showing the same spot on the Red Planet’s surface.

One appears to show an empty landscape, while the other image appears to show a “worm” burrowing through the surface.

If your bullshit meter just tripped after reading the above, then congratulations, it is functioning quite well.

Let’s work through this claim

Do we have a credible source for this claim?

No we don’t. The media outlets that ran with this within the UK includes “The Mirror” and “The Star“, and neither of these are renowned for cutting edge journalism. They are of course both popular and well known, primarily due to the topless models on page three. Well OK the Mirror gave that up, but the Star still does that. However, for both the term “gutter press” is often applied and is well deserved.

Where exactly did they pick this story up?

Both got all this from a YouTube clip issued by somebody calling themselves the Secure Team 10. You can find that clip here. If you browse other claims within their clips then what you find is equally whacky.

How exactly do you become an “Alien Expert”?

I’d love to understand that. Hint: being an “Alien Expert” is about as credible as a claim that somebody is a “Bigfoot Expert” or a “Loch Ness Expert”. The term “expert” in this context simply describes somebody who is obsessed with the topic and spends an excessive amount of time on it. It does not in any way identify credibility or actual expertise.

What if we can’t explain this?

Does “I don’t know” justify making the leap to “alien worm”?

Nope, when faced with something we do not understand, then the only viable answer is “I don’t know”.

So what is this, do we know?

Actually, yes we do, it is a drill sampling site. What you are looking at are the standard before and after images. What you see is not evidence of an “Alien worm” but instead the location where the MARS rover was drilling. This “expert” should have known that, and I suspect he did.

Finally …

Secure Team 10 is run by Tyler Glockner. He is a well-known hoaxer and simply makes stuff up for both the fame and also the $$$ on his website by sucking in the gullible. If curious, just google his name.

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