Who will fool you?

Well I’m back from my travels in the wilderness, so let’s begin slowly with an easy question – Who is the one person that is most probably going to fool you?

You can most probably guess the right answer, but let me illustrate it anyway.

One evening I just happened to by in a town on the US west coast and noticed that lots of people were heading down to the beech about 10 minutes prior to sunset, and since clearly this was a rather popular thing to do and I joined in.

Oh but wait, something odd was going on, nobody was actually watching the sunset at all, everybody was focused on something else …


This guy perhaps?


Er no … that can’t be why, seeing people surfing in California is not exactly a rare occurrence.

The penny dropped, what had happened is that these guys had turned up and were very close to shore …


So yes, I had completely fooled myself into thinking that everybody was wandering down just to watch the sun set.

The one person who will most probably fool you is yourself. We can often grasp an understanding that is completely wrong and rapidly jump to the wrong conclusion on many different topics.

No matter how skeptical and open minded you are, you can and will be fooled, so be prepared to change you mind when presented with new evidence.

Oh and as for that sunset … well I got to see that.


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