Creationism in the classroom

Andrew Brown writes in the Guardian (with a picture of some bloke setting things up at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky)  … At least creationists have given it some thought. Would you rather an indifferent or a passionately wrong child in the science classroom? Let’s not simply sneer at Darwin deniers If you read … Read more Creationism in the classroom

How “not” to secretly film a polar bear

When up the Arctic attempting to make a documentary about Polar Bears, how the heck do you get all those up-close and personal shots? Easy, you disguise the camera as part of the background so that it then blends seamlessly in. Good plan, yes? Unfortunately, this plan potentially has a wee flaw. The polar bear … Read more How “not” to secretly film a polar bear

Darwin’s Secret experiment

Wow, its not a slow news day is it, this also is fascinating … Charles Darwin’s ecological experiment on Ascension isle By Howard Falcon-Lang Science reporter, BBC News A lonely island in the middle of the South Atlantic conceals Charles Darwin’s best-kept secret. Two hundred years ago, Ascension Island was a barren volcanic edifice. Today, … Read more Darwin’s Secret experiment