Climbing Mt Ranier

The title is literal and not simply a metaphor, I’m off today to start a climb of Mt Ranier, so no postings for a few days. Yes, we are going for the top 14,400ft … so it is ropes, ice axes, and crampons as we traverse glaciers and potentially risk Oxygen starvation due to the … Read more

Top 5 Posts for 2012 at Skeptical Science

I do not generally check my blog statistics anymore, that is not why I write. Seeing thousands of hits for a specific posting might craft an illusion of approval or popularity, but perhaps is something that has simply passed into some other community and hit a few of their hot buttons. Anyway, what postings in 2012 generated … Read more

Comment Policy

I’m off on a slightly different tack today, and am asking you, the reader, a question.

In essence … if you are a blogger, then what should the policy be regarding comments?

It should of course be very obvious, if something is not offensive, abusive, illegal, or spam then it should stay, so perhaps the real challenge is to come to terms with how you define those. Lets take a quick look at some:

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