Top 5 Posts for 2012 at Skeptical Science

2012-12-27-6609755961_60cdc6310c_bI do not generally check my blog statistics anymore, that is not why I write. Seeing thousands of hits for a specific posting might craft an illusion of approval or popularity, but perhaps is something that has simply passed into some other community and hit a few of their hot buttons.

Anyway, what postings in 2012 generated the highest hits? These did …

So what prompts the navel gazing today? Well, because I use WordPress as the blog engine, I get an annual report from them listing the above. It also advises me that …

  • I’ve had hits from 177 countries (hey Greenland, why are you not reading my Blog?)
  • Apparently my blog has had more visits than a small country in Europe! … in my case, the emphases is on “small”, as in Liechtenstein

Finally, may I wish all my readers … all three of you … a very happy new year.

So what are your plans for 2013, do you have any resolutions? I’m working on my new book, “Debunking Belief”. So far I’m making great progress, I’ve got all the page numbers done, I just need to make a start on the actual words now.

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