Climbing Mt Ranier

images (70)The title is literal and not simply a metaphor, I’m off today to start a climb of Mt Ranier, so no postings for a few days.

Yes, we are going for the top 14,400ft … so it is ropes, ice axes, and crampons as we traverse glaciers and potentially risk Oxygen starvation due to the rapid increase in height.

Is this a guided climb? Nope, just me, my son and 13 year old daughter … we are out on our own with maps, compass, tent and ropes. I’ve been planning this for months and so we are ready … not sure if we will make it … this time.

There is much that can happen, the weather can rush in rapidly and smack you without warning, even encase you in a complete white-out at this time of year; climbing is not just about having the physical endurance to keep going, but also the wisdom to know when it is time to turn back and try another day.

I’ll let you know how it goes … (listening to sound of thunder outside right now so our chances are at best 50-50).

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