Atheists and Sex Offenders

Many of you might have already seen the video by the Thinking Atheist that is a response to Florida “pastor” Michael Stahl’s blog suggestion that a national register of Atheists should be compiled. Least you missed the fuss about his crazy suggestion, I blogged about it here, but fret not, he is a complete kook and is pastor of nothing at all except a web site. In reply, he was flooded with so many objections that he has closed his Facebook page and locked down his blog.

Anyway, here is the Thinking Atheist’s great video that lists some very famous Atheists who would be on any such list. The point of course is to highlight that non believers include some of the most influential folks and highly respected people on the planet …

If there truly is a desire for a register that will inform the public about folks in your area who are dangerous, then it would perhaps be far more appropriate to compile a list of priests, pastors and other clergy who are pedophiles, sex offenders or simply fraudsters. This would then prevent them moving to another part of the country and gaining access to a fresh pool of unsuspecting victims.

2 thoughts on “Atheists and Sex Offenders”

  1. It has to do with how they view the offense. Burglary and arson, while criminal and usually dangerous, aren’t necessarily seen as “evil” or “morally corrupt,” whereas atheism (one of the most despised groups in America) is the denial of God, and of course all sex offenders are child molesters. Basically it’s a form of vigilante justice. If you can’t put people in jail, you may as well put them on a list and hope an accident takes care of the problem. And since “it’s just a list of information, no one is saying to do anything,” they can pretend it’s fine.

  2. I always find it ironic that so many feel that a list of “degenerates” is necessary, whether that means an atheist or a “sex offender” but see no need of a list that would inform folks if a convicted burglar or arsonist lived nearby. So every silly sod who drunkenly peed in public is on a list whilst cat burglars and lunatics who like to see things burn are not. Who would you rather have as an employee: someone who did a “streak” as a student or a housebreaker?


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