Speaking In Tongues – Posting on Medium

speaking in tongues

As a small experiment, I’ve setup an account on Medium. There I have published one story today.


It is an article in which I take a look at the concept of “Speaking in Tongues”. Yes, I wrote something on that a few years back, but it has been some time. It could do with a refresh, so I’ve brought it up to date, removed all the snarky gibes that my original posting had and so have given it a bit of a more professional polish.

Does this mean I’ll stop blogging here?

Nope, this site will continue, but if I’m writing there, then the posting rate here will be less frequent.

Let’s see how things pan out for now, I’ll keep you posted.

TLDR: I’m trying a different platform, so my postings here may slow down a bit.

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