London Metropolitan University – Wants to ban alcohol for reasons of cultural sensitivity

This might on the surface appear to be yet more criticism of Islam, but it’s not. Instead it is a rant against some lunatics who appear to be masquerading as administrators at the London Metropolitan University. The Daily Mail reports … London university considers stopping sale of  ‘immoral’ alcohol on campus because it offends their Muslim students Yep, apparently the administration has announced that they propose to ban alcohol for reasons of cultural sensitivity, and so some might rush out to […]


Head-to-Head with Islamic “God did it” claims 1

Right now I am having a semi-friendly “discussion” in a Facebook group with a bunch of rather committed Islamic folks. It’s their thing, they have this concept called Da‘wah. That literally means “issuing a summons” or “making an invitation”. If this is not something you are aware of, well think of it as being similar to the evangelical thing of spreading the message. Basically, you get bonus points in the eyes of God and your fellow believers for doing this. […]


Youcef Nadarkhani sentenced to death by Islamic thugs – Latest Updates

First, let’s get one thing 100% clear, Mr Nadarkhani is a believer and I am not, so I do not support his beliefs. However, what I do very strongly support is his right to believe whatever he wishes. What is happening to him in Iran is an outrage of monumental proportions, a truly blatant manifestation of evil. He has been sentenced to death because he is not a Muslim. Apparently believing the wrong things warrants death, and so while the […]


Worrying developments for freedom of expression in the UK 1

Paula Kirby writes here about the manner in which valid criticism of utterly insane ideas is being silenced in the UK. She cites three recent examples that happened in the past week. This includes .. Rhys Morgan,  a 17 years old,  who received threats of expulsion from his school if he did not remove a Jesus & Mo cartoon from his own personal Facebook page. The story is that some Muslims students took offense and started issuing threats of violence […]


Islamic intimidation in the UK

A Student-organised talk on Sharia law at the University of London was cancelled following threats of violence. Yesterday evening, a talk on “Sharia Law and Human Rights” organised by the Atheism, Secularism and Humanism Society at Queen Mary, University London, had to be cancelled after threats of violence. As described here in the UK’s New Humanist” … “Five minutes before the talk was due to start a man burst into the room holding a camera phone and for some seconds […]


Atheism in Pakistan is on the rise

The commentator has a great article today by Ghaffar Hussain. It is all about the rise of Atheism in Pakistan. In many secular countries embracing reason and rationality is generally a safe thing to do, but Pakistan is different. With both a Blasphemy law and also a large percentage of the population willing to murder if you just happen to not embrace their beliefs, only the truly brave take such a stance, yet even in this climate of intimidation, an increasing number of young […]

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