Atheist Ireland reports on the latest developments … It is increasingly clear that the Catholic Church will not divest any schools to other patron bodies unless they are forced to do so. In fact they have reinforced their position of opposing human rights standards in education, by rejecting the Toledo Guiding […]

Catholic Church refuses to divest schools or respect human rights in Ireland

Ireland rather absurdly has a Blasphemy law, and this is not some archaic dictate inherited from the dark ages, but was introduced in July 2009 by the then Fianna Fáil-led government. Enacting something like this as recently as 2009 would appear to be truly bizarre, because nobody was demanding it should happen, and nobody was […]

Irish Politicians break promise to reform Blasphemy laws

The Irish Time reports today on the utterly tragic and completely needless death of Savita Halappanavar. At 17 weeks into her pregnancy she was admitted to hospital with  chronic pain because she was having a miscarriage. There was no chance that the fetus would survive. In excruciating pain, Savita asked for an abortion. The hospital, University Hospital […]

Catholic lunacy leads to needless death of pregnant mother in Ireland