How did Women vanish on Live TV?

The following clip has caused a bit of a stir on the Internet. It shows a chap being interviewed, and as you watch, the lady on the left just vanishes. What happened, was it aliens, the rapture, or something else? If it was the rapture then I guess that makes her […]

You can be fooled by Sciencey sounding stuff

So I attended a great talk last night that took place at Reading Skeptics in the Pub by Matt Parker, a mathematician, stand-up comedian, and skeptic. It sounded fun, and even if the maths went zooming over the heads of all, the standup comedy would still make it worth attending. It was […]

Fantastic Illusion & Secret of how its done

This is a truly amazing illusion, here we see Professor Richard Wiseman make a skull vanish. He is not using a camera trick and it does not in any way involve any CGI. Now what is really cool, is that in the 2nd half of the clip, you learn how […]