Is Sea Level Really Rising?

We often read stories about the ice in the Arctic, Antarctic, and Greenland melting, but how can we know if this is really true, can we ever be sure? One rather robust and quite irrefutable bit of evidence would be sea level. If indeed there was an on-going trend of a warming Arctic […]

What Does Climate History reveal about our future?

A new and quite impressive paper has been published in Nature that lays out about two million years of climate history. What has happened in the past is a rather obviously valuable tool because it also enables us to understand the future we face. Prior to this specific paper only […]

#Arctic melt season is probably over, how did it go this year?

The above diagram says it all really, 2016 was the second lowest on record. It was not and is not a typical year by any measure because globally each and every single month has broken all previous records for that month and so it comes as no great surprise to […]

Climate Change: The Melting ice in Greenland

I’m going to ask just 3 questions about the Melting Ice due to Climate change … Exactly how much melting ice occurred in Greenland during the summer of 2015? Do we observe sea level rising each and every year? What happens if all the ice melts, how high will sea level reach? […]

Chasing Ice movie reveals largest iceberg calving ever filmed 1

This is cool, I just had to share it. There is a new movie out tomorrow called “Chasing Ice” that is a documentary by environmental photographer James Balog. In 2005 he headed to the Arctic on a tricky assignment for National Geographic: to capture images to help tell the story of the Earth’s […]

The best Climate Change barometer: Sea Level 2

Some still quibble about the reality of climate change and truly do need to come to terms with the stark reality of the physical evidence. Is there any evidence that is beyond all such quibbling? Yes indeed, sea level. If the average global temperature is rising, then sea level will […]