Deepak Chopra

We live in a world that is awash with rather a lot of pseudoscientific claims that are pure grade one gold plated Bullshit, and so it is worth thinking about why some are very susceptible to such influences and others demonstrate a robust immunity to it all. A fascinating paper that yields some insights […]

Why are some inclined to embrace Bullshit as truth?

Stuart Hameroff has a HuffPo article within which he writes an open letter to Richard Dawkins and Michael Shermer, and having looked, I really can’t resist the urge to plug in a few additional thoughts … Dear Richard and Michael, I read your lament that some people leave religion for ‘something worse,’ Deepak […]

quantum consciousness … what the heck is that?

Over in the Huff Po (well yes, they can act like woo central at times), we have an article that consists entirely of Deepak Chopra expressing his complete and utter frustration about his Wikipedia page being evidence based … to paraphrase, “how dare you question things like telepathy, minds without bodies, […]

Deepak Chopra upset about his Wikipedia page being factual

Yesterday I blogged about how TEDx has had a few problems with some of the third parties promoting bullshit instead of science (crystal therapy, Egyptian psychoaromatherapy, healing through the Earth, homeopathy and even “basic mind control”) and how the TEDx directors responded by issuing some really great guidance on how to filter […]

“Militant” Woo-Meisters attack TED, Accuses them of playing Game of Thrones