Last December I was writing about the widening rift that had been measured in the Larsen C Ice Shelf in the Antarctic by NASA’s #ICEBridge. I highlighted the inevitable – the breakup of the Larsen C ice shelf,  and pointed out that this was part of the on-going process that had […]

Larsen C has finally split – It is one of the biggest icebergs ever recorded ...

The canary in the coal mine, the world’s Coral Reefs are now in extreme distress. Not too long ago I was blogging about the unprecedented back-to-back mass bleaching event that has taken place on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The actual scope, the big picture here, is that it is not […]

Global Coral Reefs are in terminal decline – #climate

When it coms to all things Trump, I keep grasping for the “Nobody would do something that stupid” thought, and yet time after time he does something that completely resets such expectations. The announcement that the US will withdraw from the Paris Agreement is a classic example of just that, and […]

Trump’s Climatic decision on the #ParisAgreement – #climate

#Dilbert does office politics. Unfortunately, Scott Adams, the guy who draws the strip is not only a rather vocal Trump supporter, but he is also a science denier. Here is the strip that was just published 14th May in which Dilbert goes full science denial … The first few panels are […]

#Dilbert goes full #climate denial in latest strip