What makes beliefs that are not true credible?

It is rather popular to promote belief by making an appeal along one of the following lines … Famous person X believes, or has just converted, or simply said something nice about the belief. Lots of people believe this or lots of people are converting and now believe this Individual […]

Why is there a ‘reality gap’?

Much is being written about fake news and so there has been a dawning realisation that we live in an age where there is a very distinct reality gap. Steve Benen writes on MSNBC about how disconnected some are from reality. He describes it as follows … what struck me […]

Billy Graham advises on how to convert an Atheist? 1

Christian Daily has a rather revealing article that grants an insight into the inner workings of religious belief within the human mind. Billy Graham, the quite famous and now also quite elderly evangelist, was recently asked for advice by somebody on how they could win over and convert an atheist friend. […]

Pew Poll Results: Why do the nones reject religious belief?

The rise of a new demography across the US human landscape is perhaps well-known. Various pew-research polls have established that as many as almost 1 in 4 (to be more precise 23%) have opted out, no longer retain a belief,  and do not identify themselves as religious. As reported by pew […]

How do Christians cope with abhorrent bible verses?

It is perhaps popular these days to point out not only some of the contradictions, but also some of the quite frankly obnoxious bible verses. I am just as guilty of that as many others, I plea no innocence here. So what happens when you confront a deeply committed Christian […]

Why do we believe stuff that is not true?

Rather a lot of beliefs do not lean on evidence, but instead are castles of confidence that are built upon something distinctly different. I’m not specifically talking about religion, so what am I getting at? OK, let’s work a few examples. Myth: Vaccines cause Autism I need not go into the history […]