Are you a Jedi knight?

Yep its that glorious once in a decade UK moment when we all have the joy of filling in the census forms that allow us to declare our details for future historians to churn through and turn into a Ph.D or two. To translate, its the moment when vast swathes of the UK population declare themselves to be Jedi Knights.

Now least you wonder about this and don’t understand, but instead scratch your head muttering WTF, well let me explain. Most normal populations have folks who simply tick the “No Religion” box, but here we delight in doing what is best described as “talking the piss” out of this entire process.

Back in 2001 during the last UK census, over 400,000 people declared themselves to be Jedi. The net effect is that its now an official UK religion, and not just a tiny one, but the fourth largest, bigger than Judaism, even bigger than Buddhism.

Its caught on, others are at it now. Here is a link to a site in NZ that encourages folks there to declare their Jedi faith. They explain …

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