1. HaggisForBrains

    I don’t get this – how can it be OK to receive someone else’s liver, but not their blood?

    Would it not be possible for her own blood to be removed over time and stored and then transfused back into her?

    I know that I am ignoring the basically stupid position she is taking because of her ridiculous beliefs, but surely there could be a practical answer. Then again, I find it hard to care!

  2. The Watchtower magazine has had several issues with images of children who died because they or their parents refused operations where a blood tranfussion was part of the surgery and medical need.

    These children are praised for their dedication – so there is great pressure in the JW community to refuse such life saving treatment.

    It is well beyond the time that religious ignornace of science and reality be coddled and permitted.

    If she doesn’t want the procedure, then it is her choice is to not have it. It is not in the taxpayer interests to incur a massive increase in cost to accomodate her unfounded beleifs.

    The extra expense should be paid by her, with the support of the JW church – funny that they don’t fund their own hospitals to provide “god approved” care.

    I imagine that the process by which one becomes a doctor makes you understand how wrong headed the medical beleifs are of the JW and other faiths.

    How can she or any other beleiver even go to a doctor and get medical treatment – which, after all – is nothing short of interfering with god’s plan for their body – illness and death.

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