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Sex outside of marriage is frowned upon within Islam, so much so in fact that rape victims can end up jailed or even being stoned to death for the crime of being raped.

Really? Sadly yes indeed, 13 year old Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was brutality raped. When she reported this to the authorities, they put her on trial and then stoned her to death. The degree of not just intolerance, but pure unfiltered immorality dished out by religious thugs is almost beyond belief.

So how does Islam cope with Sex, easy, you just get married … temporally … to a child … so that you can then bugger him or her and then discard with a quick divorce. The Washington Post has the horrendous details

But some girls who grow up in Egypt’s poor rural communities face an even scarier sort of child marriage: the temporary kind. Sex tourism to Egypt tends to spike in the summer, when wealthy men from Gulf countries flood into Egypt and thousands of underage girls are sold by their parents into temporary “marriages,” according to a story by Inter Press Service.

Egypt’s illegal child sex tourism trade appears to have put a regional-friendly spin on the practice by portraying the buying and selling of children as a form of marriage, thus giving them a thin veneer of religious acceptability by circumventing Islamic rules against pre-marital sex.

“Some girls have been married 60 times by the time they turn 18,” an Egyptian government official who works on the issue told Inter Press Service. “Most ‘marriages’ last for just a couple of days or weeks.”

I think I’m about ready the throw up now.

So what is driving this trade, who are the buyers?

It estimated that the vast majority of the buyers came from Gulf countries, with 81 percent from Saudi Arabia, 10 percent from the United Arab Emirate and 4 percent from Kuwait.

Believing things that are not actually true has consequences. Some might argue, “What does it matter if some believe the Mohammed was a Prophet who led a life that others should copy, what possible harm could it do?“. It matters because Mohammed was in fact a paedophile, at the age of 50  he married a six year old, and because he is the representative man, this pattern is held up by the belief as something to be copied. Promoting him as an example to be followed has resulted in centuries of pure unadulterated horror for millions of children, and to this very day the idea of middle aged men being “married” to children continues unabated.

Daft beliefs are not harmless, they have consequences. We not only have paedophilia being acceptable and openly practised, but we also find the belief enabling this via the concept of “temporary” marriages.

Islam is quite frankly a vile thing that has nothing good to offer humanity, the evidence is clear, it has yielded a harvest of intolerance, misogyny, homophobia, violence, war, murder and paedophilia. Moral relativism be dammed, it is wrong not just here, but also in the middle east. It is wrong now and has always been wrong in the past. The problem is that the Islamic belief has blinded so many to this stark truth.

But let us also be clear about something else, most Muslims are decent honourable human beings who wish to live in peace and lead good lives, that are like that, not because of Islam, but rather despite it, and have managed to achieve that through the natural empathy that is inherent within our nature as humans.

I am not attacking all Muslims here, but rather I am attacking bad ideas, beliefs that are not actually true, but because they are embraced as “truth”, have resulted in countless numbers of destroyed lives.

Not sure about this? Then consider the evidence, consider what is actually happening right now, each single day  about 38,000 young girls are sold into “marriage”. Ask yourself what enables this to happen.


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