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  1. A child of the 60’s, I’ve been referring to the Yaran as “the Tehran Seven,” as in “Free the Tehran 7.” I cannot help but assume that when they were appointed to care for the beleaguered Baha’i community of Iran, they knew that execution or lengthy imprisonment could be the outcome of the service they were rendering others. And yet they said “Yes, we will do this.” If you’re looking up info on the Baha’i Faith, check out the story of a youth from roughly 150 years ago. He was a teen; he was asked to carry a letter to the Shah of Iran. He, too, knew the likely outcome, and still he did it (he is usually referred to as Badi). I can think of nothing more courageous, and I don’t think you need to adhere to any one spiritual path (or non-path) to acknowledge this kind of courage and this kind of abhorrent treatment. If you look at the list of current POCs in Iran’s prisons, you can basically pick these 7 out: they’re the ones with the 20 year sentences.

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