New Republican Bill calls for ‘genital-checking’ for public bathrooms.

When you come across some stories of such extreme absurdity then often the most immediate and obvious conclusion is that it just must be satire, and usually that leap is the right call. So try digesting this and getting it past your well honed satire meter … Republicans demand girls flash their vaginas to get into women’s toilets Clearly this is satire that is designed to be a criticism of the various bits of legislation designed to interfere is the lives […]


Kenya Refuses to recognise a Kenyan Atheist group

The BBC reports that Kenya has persistently refused to permit an atheist group to register for what is quite frankly an absurd reason. They report … A group of Kenyan atheists say they have suffered “blatant discrimination” after the authorities refused to register their society. They were told the application was turned down because of concerns that registration could affect the “peace… [and] good order” in the country. The 60-member Atheists In Kenya applied for official recognition last year. The Atheists in […]


The Anti-Evolution headteacher

The Guardian has an article all about Christina Wilkinson, a headteacher of St Andrew’s Church of England school in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, and it principally concerns her response to a tweet by teacher Tom Sherrington about an evolution assembly. She tweeted a reply on the 26th January that … Evolution is not a fact, That’s why it’s called a theory! There’s more evidence that the Bible is true What chance do children have when a head teacher can say something like this? @WilkinsonHead […]


Bill Maher promotes a HIV Cure quack

The very short TL;DR; summary is perhaps “yikes”. So I sat down to enjoy the latest episode of Real Time with Bill maher, and was totally floored when he wheeled on Charlie Sheen’s HIV Quack, “Dr.” Samir Chachoua, and then proceeds to interview him. What then emerged were some totally unfounded claims, and so here is that 10 minute clip from the show … Sorry, the quality is not great, it is not the official clip, but given the rather embarrassing […]

A few final pointers regarding Richard Dawkins & NECSS

This is a topic that I’m more or less done with for now, but before I move on I wanted to add one last posting that contains a couple of links that consist of some quite good writing on it all. I  should add that putting links to them here does not necessarily imply I endorse each and every view expressed within any or all of these. I do however find them to be well thought out, and so I’m pointing to them […]


Recognising patterns of dehumanisation

The UK’s Independent has a great interview with David Eagleman, and that opening remark of mine just might be your cue for the “Who?” comment. OK, fair enough, so first a quick intro. He is a neuroscientist and writer at Baylor College of Medicine. Now on to the Interview in the Independent. I’m going to pluck one specific bit out of that and then mull over it a bit, and I should add that I would recommend reading the rest of the Interview, and that in […]