Election Time – BHA questions for your MP – #GE2015

Hey now this is interesting, the British Humanist Association has set up a facility that enables you to automatically send a series of questions to your local candidates. You start with their suggested text, but you can modify it of course You then enter your name, address and postcode. The system works out who is standing for election in your area and gives you a tick list of them all. You then get to simple hit “send”, and off the […]


Liverpool NHS to review £30k homeopathy bill 1

The Liverpool Echo reports the following bit of good news … Liverpool health bosses are spending £30,000 a year of taxpayers’ money on treatment the NHS admits does not work. The Good Thinking Society, a pro-science charity, threatened the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) with legal action over its funding for homeopathy. The organisation has since pledged to review its spending on the alternative treatment. Homeopathy – the use of highly diluted substances to treat minor ailments – is criticised […]

Latest Religious news from the Polls

Yesterday the UK’s Guardian reported that there is a poll that confirms the UK to be one of the least religious countries on the planet today … In a global ranking of 65 countries, the UK came six places from last, with 30% of the population calling themselves religious. While 53% of people said they were not religious, only 13% said they were a convinced atheist and the remainder did not know how to define themselves. At the bottom of the […]


Preventing Cancer

My Father had colon cancer, my grandfather had colon cancer, my great-grandfather had colon cancer (are you seeing a pattern here yet?), so if you have a family history like this then please keep reading. Now here is the challenge, colorectal cancer can be present for several years before symptoms develop, and by the time they do you often do nothing and put it all down to other factors for a few more years, and by then it is too […]


Gay guy calls Westboro for advice 1

There are some positions that are so absurd, so beyond reason and basic human empathy, that the only recourse we have left is humour. Yes indeed, I’m thinking of that bastion of bizarre belief, Westboro Baptist Church. I suspect there is nobody left who has no idea who they are or how absurd their position is, but then that is perhaps what drives them to behave as they do … they love the glare of publicity, even if it is all negative. Calling Westboro […]


Actions have consequences

If you happen to be plugged into the community, then you might (or perhaps might not) be aware that strong words have been exchanged by various individuals. The problem is that words have meaning and so there are consequences when such words are exchanged. Michael Nugent, the chair of Atheist Ireland, is a good guy, I can personally vouch for his integrity and decency and so when a rather well-know blogger, PZ Myers, proceeded to deploy false accusations, Mr Nugent […]