What do Humans actually believe?

This is not a posting about one specific variation of belief, but I will start with one to illustrate the point I’m making. Hemet Mehta, the Friendly Atheist has been doing a series of videos on what various beliefs actually believe, and one of the latest is 10 Things You Should Know About Seventh Day Adventists. I guess most could probably nail the Saturday bit, but as for the rest, perhaps not. Some of it is, if I may be brutally […]


Some Humans Just Sacrificed Their Jobs At CERN

Nothing too serious today, just a bit of fun. There is a spoof video doing the rounds of a human sacrifice taking place under the cover of darkness at CERN. Some have been reporting that this is “Probably” a prank, and to that I can only add a facepalm to the thought that anybody gave more than 2 seconds to the idea that this just might be real by spicing up the story with the word “probably”. Yes, Mashable went with “Probably”, but […]


Brian Cox vs senior Australian politician who rejects Climate Change

There are a few stories doing the rounds of the clash on live Australian TV between UK Physicist Brian Cox and the Climate change denying senior Australian politician, Malcolm Roberts, so let’s take a look and see what happened. The background here is that Mr Roberts had earlier issued a challenge for anybody to show him evidence that the human production of carbon dioxide is causing the earth’s climate to warm. Brain Cox took him up on that, and so here is how […]


Are people who claim “God speaks to me” crazy?

It does strike me as rather odd to discover that God has been telling quite a few Republicans to run for election as President, and yet in every single case God failed to deliver. We might laugh, and mock, but it is also a rather interesting topic as well. So let’s ask ourselves a few questions. Are they lying?  Generally no, they quite sincerely believe it to be true and so they are in all probability quite sure that God […]


July 2016 was the Hottest July ever in human history

Well, its official, the numbers are now in for last July and as expected it was hot on a global scale. To be precise, it was the hottest July ever recorded in human history and broke all previous records. What is quite frankly astonishing is that every single month this year has been a record breaking month … the hottest January ever … the hottest February ever .. and on and on. Climate scientists has the numbers and a chart […]


The Satanic Temple strikes again

For this latest bit of drama, the curtain raises, and nestled safely upon the centre stage is the opening act waiting to greet us. The landscape that beckons is Arkansas, God’s very own select and very special country. To prove just how ultra special and religious they are, they have already prepared the scene in advance by passing a special law that empowers them to ignore the constitution and erect religious monuments within the grounds of the state capital. I’m not making […]