Petition for you to sign: Saudi Arabia is about to behead a 21-year-old man and then crucify him

[The details below come from an email I have been sent. Having verified the details, I’m happy to promote the petition and encourage you to also sign it] Saudi Arabia is about to behead a 21-year-old man and then crucify him to display his body in public. This same country was just chosen to head a U.N. Human Rights Council panel. If it wasn’t so serious this would be funny! Ali Mohammed al-Nimr was arrested when he was 17 for […]


Sometime satire really is the best reply

Being religious is about investing in an idea emotionally, and sometimes (I really do mean sometimes for a minority) that happens to such a degree that the person doing so is completely oblivious to what has happened to their ability to think clearly about specific things. While within this post I am thinking specifically about creationism it can also be applied within many other contexts. Essentially the idea is that the available evidence can be happily ignored and the religious alternative of “a god […]


Warwick University ban overturned 2

The public pressure has been sufficiently large enough to embarrass Warwick into doing the right thing. It was only yesterday that I was blogging about it all and now today comes good news … Maryam Namazie had been banned by the university’s students’ union over fears she may offend Muslim students after 48 hours of intense public pressure, the union has backed down. A petition had been set up calling for the decision to be overturned and high-profile academics such […]


Freedom of Speech banned at Warwick university in the UK

You would expect a university to be a melting pot of ideas and a place where not only do you learn, but you also have all of your preconceived notions challenged. Apparently this is not the case over at Warwick university because stories are circulating in the UKs national media that a secular activist who also happens to be an ex-Muslim has been banned from speaking because there is a risk that she might cause offence amongst the Muslim student […]


Insight into a couple of “Get rick quick” scams

The UK’s Mirror has a rather good article (yes really, the Mirror) that exposes a couple of fraudsters who are conning gullible people. So lets take a quick tour of each in turn. Simon Stepsys – “Buy my plan and get instantly rich” The first in our rogues gallery is a chap who claims that he can make you instantly rich by simply signing up to a business opportunity called My Advertising Pays (MAPs). Curious about what was up they sent a reporter […]


The 2015 IgNobel awards have been announced

OK yes, I’d a tad behind the curve, the 2015 awards were actually announced on the 17th. You might be wondering what IgNobel is all about, and so, as suggested by the name, they are a series of awards that usually precede the actual Nobel announcements by a couple of weeks (which will be happing on 5th-12th Oct) and yet they are not related to that far more prestigious award in any way except as a parody. Their remit is to […]