Proof of Alien Life on MARS … Pictures available

Various media outlets are reporting a rather startling revelation … Life on Mars? Alien ‘experts’ claim NASA images show ‘giant space worm’ Images from NASA show a cylindrical “space worm”, according to alien life research group Secure Team 10. The team compared two snaps captured by the Mars Rover – showing the same spot on the Red Planet’s surface. One appears to show an empty landscape, while the other image appears to show a “worm” burrowing through the surface. If your […]


Climate records continue to be shattered

Climate Change relentlessly rolls forward. 2015 was the warmest year on record ever, but 2016 is now well on track to shatter that record. Consider this … Oct 2015 was the warmest Oct ever. Nov 2015 was the warmest Nov ever. Dec 2015 was the warmest Dec ever. Jan 2016 was the warmest Jan ever. Feb 2016 was the warmest Feb ever. Mar 2016 was the warmest March ever. April 2016 was the warmest April ever. The numbers for May […]


The #BREXIT Delusion

This is a topic that might indeed cause many eyes to glaze over, and so perhaps that especially applies to those that do not live in the UK. Since I do, then it is time for me to chip in with my 2c worth on #Brexit, and I guess my title gives a subtle clue regarding my position. Much has been said by many. A great deal of that rhetoric simply panders to fears on immigration or economic security, and so has very little basis […]


Is Coffee good or bad for you and does it cause cancer?

Did you know that coffee was part of the Group 2b list of foods that are “carcinogenic to humans”? (Group 2b meant that officially it “possibly” caused cancer). Well if you did, and still drank it, then you can now rest a tad easier. This is because WHO have now removed it from that list. You can read the details that have been published within The Lancet …(if you sign up for free, you can get the full text) … Carcinogenicity of drinking […]


Gun Control .. the Onion Nails it

The Onion is of course satire and yet beautifully nails it in one … It’s An Honor To Continue Being Valued Over Countless Human Lives An AR-15 Look, I’m not the type who needs constant validation, and I have never sought preferential treatment from anyone. I just try to focus on doing what I do and not get too caught up in what people think or say about me. But I have to admit, it’s been hard to ignore all […]

Four New Elements

The Periodic Table has been extended and we now have four new elements on it. Here is an illustration of them (via Phil Plate) … The Official Press Release So who gets to pick such things? The answer is that the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) does this, and the process involved is described within their 1991 guidelines.  The last time elements were named and accepted accepted was flerovium (element 114) and livermorium (element 116), both named on 31 May 2012, and […]