‪#‎ExMuslimBecause‬ is trending

Hey, this is something new, #‎ExMuslimBecause‬ has been trending on twitter. One of the most powerful arguments against religious belief often comes, not from those that do not believe, but rather from the actions and behaviour of those that truly do, and then follow it through to the letter. A Christian example of this that springs to mind is the rather common anti-gay stance promoted by many, but when it comes to Islam beliefs, we rather sadly need not look too hard to […]


Morality with and without a god 3

So I have a Morality claim from “TheBlaze” … well yes, identifying that as the source is perhaps sufficient to trigger a “here be some BS” alarm, because taking anything from TheBlaze seriously would perhaps be as viable as using Answers In Genesis as your go-to reference for science. As a bit of background context, TheBlaze was founded by Glenn Beck, a chap who has a reputation as a bit of a conspiracy nutter, so it very much panders to bizarre claims. Anyway, the article itself is interesting […]


Genocide – Discovery of Mass graves in Iraq

Paris has perhaps eclipsed an even greater ISIS atrocity. Last week Kurdish forces, backed by British and American air strikes, liberated Sinjar from ISIS, and made the horrendous discovery of mass graves. As reported in the Telegraph … They discovered two graves. The first – containing the corpses of older women – was found west of the city’s centre, near the Sinjar Technical Institute. The second was ten miles west, and is believed to contain men, women and children. It is rigged with explosives […]


ISIS really is a Muslim organisation

I’ve seen numerous posts pop up on Social Media with the claim that ISIS are not Islamic, for example we have this quote … Those who shed the blood of the innocent have nothing to do with islam That was a claim made by the leader of an Islamic sect that is denounced as “not true islam” by about 99% of the Muslims on the planet. To be frank that really really does not help at all, but instead is simply a manifestation […]


What gets you a Death Sentence in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has a justice system whose reputation merits a closer look; they appear to be rather fond of chopping off heads, and so you can’t help but wonder what crimes motivate them to start slicing. As I’m sure you are aware, Saudi Arabia is a highly religious society, and so their judicial system is basically a religious one. The specific variation of Islamic belief that prevails is Wahhabism (which interestingly enough is only followed by about 23% of the population, the rest […]


Climate Change: The Melting ice in Greenland

I’m going to ask just 3 questions about the Melting Ice due to Climate change … Exactly how much melting ice occurred in Greenland during the summer of 2015? Do we observe sea level rising each and every year? What happens if all the ice melts, how high will sea level reach? Exactly how much Melting Ice occurred in Greenland during the summer of 2015? Let’s start with what has been measured so far this year. If we asked the question, “exactly how […]