Hey this is cool … adding a new dimension by Time-Laspe mining photos

Now this is cool, a couple of clever chaps from the University Of Washington in conjunction with google have worked out a way of Time-Lapse mining photos from the internet and turning them into a movie of how things change over time. As explained by them …  We introduce an approach for synthesizing time-lapse videos of popular landmarks from large community photo collections. The approach is completely automated and leverages the vast quantity of photos available online. First, we cluster […]


The grim reality of life under ISIS

Patrick Cockburn, an Irish journalist who has been a Middle East correspondent since 1979, has published part 2 of his harrowing stories about life under ISIS. In Part 1 which was published on 16th May (you can find it here), Mr Cockburn documents some of the truly harrowing stories from the women who have fled from the Jihadist state. He wrote … Aysha was forced to pledge total obedience to her husband, even when it came to suicide bombing. What happened […]


The Origins of the Universe

When pondering over the origins of the universe, the standard religious answer is “God did it, problem solved, now let’s move on to believing”. Oh wait. Evidence for this claim is … well so far, it is exactly zero. It also has a rather fatal flaw because you then need to explain the origins of this god. The standard religious answer to this god hypothesis quandary is to simply make up even more stuff on the basis of exactly zero observational data  and claim that […]


How do Atheists work out what is right and wrong if they reject the bible?

The objective moral claim is a very popular rebuttal that the deeply religious often put forward, and time after time it will, like a game a wack-a-mole, pop its head up. So today’s example is a letter written by a Mr Ron Thomas and published in The Gazette / Times-Courier, a paper that has a focus upon the cities of Mattoon and Charleston, which are located 8 miles apart in Coles County in East Central Illinois. It starts as follows … There […]


Saudi Arabia puts in a bid to run the UN Human Rights Council

Which would be the ideal nation to run the UN Human Rights Council? I know, let’s find the one nation that infringes every single human right going, and put them in charge, what could possibly go wrong with that? It sounds bizarre, but that is exactly what is now on the table. UN Watch reports the details … UN Watch has learned from diplomatic sources, as confirmed by the Tribune de Genève, that Saudi Arabia, an elected member of the 47-nation Human Rights Council, […]


New UK government has pledged to scrap the Human Rights act

Much to the complete astonishment of many, the newly elected Tory government in the UK has pledged to abolish the existing Human Rights act. So who will lead the charge on this? Michael Gove, the former education secretary, is to be the new Justice Secretary. Here is a test for you – Randomly pick any UK teacher, ring them up and ask what they think of Michael Gove, and see what is said … or you could just check the opening […]

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Justice Secretary Jack Straw says he is  
"frustrated" at the way the 1998 Human Rights 
Act has sometimes been interpreted by the  
courts and called for a debate about the need 
for legal responsibilities to balance the  
rights set out in the Act.