World’s greatest concentration of unique mammal species are all on 1 Island

An interesting little paper has popped up via Science Daily and concerns the publication of the results of a 15 year study of the biodiversity of one Island in the Philippines. In summary … Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines, is home to the world’s greatest concentration of unique mammal species — 93 percent of the land mammals there are found nowhere else. A new paper announces that 52 of the island’s 56 non-flying mammals live nowhere else in […]

Photographs of (A) Carpomys melanurus, (B) Batomys gran , (C) Phloeomys pallidus, (D) Carpomys phaeurus, (E) Crateromys schadenbergi, and (F) Musseromys gulantang.

Daft Claim: “Pokémon GO cyber-demons to be used by Islamic jihadists” 1

Sometimes you come across stuff that is so utterly bizarre that it is actually in one sense quite entertaining comedy gold. Today we throw a spotlight upon Rick Wiles, the host of the TruNews radio program, a Far-Right fundamentalist Christian radio show.  There he not only promotes conspiracy theories, but often strives with some success to out-crazy all the competition. “Weird” does not begin to describe it all, and so it should be no surprise to learn that he has earned himself a slot as a regular guest on both […]

TruNews host Rick Wiles

Climate Change: ‘The extraordinary years have become the normal years’

The old normal is gone, we are now watching an astonishing degree of unprecedented change happening in the Arctic. Chris Mooney writes in the Washington Post about the proceedings of a group a scientists who study Arctic climate system. They have been having a meeting in Washington DC at the National Press Club that was sponsored by SEARCH (the Study of Environmental Arctic Change).What they talked about should frighten us because so far 2016 is unlike any previous year ever seen … Walt Meier, […]

Claim: Photo of a Floating Spirit captured after fatal crash

A couple of days ago Saul Vazquez, a Kentucky truck driver, passed an accident that looked really bad, so he took a picture (see above), posted it to Facebook, and advised all reading it to take care out there. It has been shared 13,295 times, and is also all over the media now. Why? Well, apparently he caught what many are claiming is the soul of the man who died in the accident leaving his body. You can see it in the […]


Shock announcement from credible source – NASA has discovered alien DNA

While surfing Facebook the other day, a posting that caught my eye was entitled … Marijuana Contains “Alien DNA” From Outside Of Our Solar System, NASA Confirms My immediate thought was “That’s Bullshit”. If it had been via or some other similar dubious source then I would have simply rolled my eyes and moved on, but since this was coming from IFLScience (I Fucking Love Science), I was rather rather surprised, so I clicked the link to see what was up, and did wonder […]


Can we wipe out the Ivory Trade with synthetic 3D printed Ivory?

The Ivory trade has resulted in poachers seeking out and slaughtering animals such as Rhino and Elephants to such a degree that it is rapidly leading towards, not just the endangerment of species, but complete extinction. The motivation that drives the now illegal poaching is well-understood, as explained by IFLS … The belief that rhino horn treats fevers or beautifies the skin, has stoked a global industry with prices soaring to $65,000 per kilogram ($30,000 /pound).  With such a huge incentive, many poachers will happily […]

Poachers shot this rhino and hacked off its horn.