Pamela Geller is a rather vocal critic of Islam, and that is fine of course because no idea should be immune to criticism or scrutiny, but as you might imagine, her name is one that invokes a considerable degree of outrage amongst some Muslims. There is a rather popular myth that she is a racist who specifically hates Muslims, but the ever so tiny flaw with that claim is the rather obvious observation that islam is not actually a race at all, […]


Believing the wrong things = prison or even death

Blasphemy is not just an archaic relic but is in reality a very real issue for many who live within nations that have a strong theocratic mindset, so much so, that there exists an ongoing campaign to end blasphemy laws worldwide. The following map illustrates this current reality … Why is Blasphemy absurd? As explained on the campaign site … All laws which criminalize critical discussion or “insult” to religion: by their nature violate the human rights to freedom of thought and […]


A nice little puzzle with a rather important point 2

OK, so I’m not going to say too much today, but will instead point you towards a rather nice little puzzle that has been presented by the New York Times. It is not hard and is in fact a rather easy puzzle. They explain it as follows … A short game sheds light on government policy, corporate America and why no one likes to be wrong. Here’s how it works: We’ve chosen a rule that some sequences of three numbers obey […]


Fairytales – belief or non-belief? 4

Kashif is blogging once again and so I’m motivated today to respond to his latest posting on the HuffPo. He is of course burdened by the deep need to promote a specific belief, and I in turn will simply examine his religious claim (briefly) to see if there is anything new on offer. Perhaps he has a new argument, or some actual evidence for his claims (hint: don’t hold your breath). He starts as follows … I recently wrote a blog […]


The Lost Island – The hardest place in the world to visit

Just a bit of fun today, nothing too serious. North Sentinel Island, is a remote tiny little place out in the Bay of Bengal, covered in forest, and peopled by a tribe who are extremely hostile. Anybody who dares to step on their island is immediately slaughtered, and so the amount of contact they actually have with the world beyond their shores is exactly zero. Is it really remote and hostile? Yep, after the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake an Indian government […]


Is belief in Homeopathy a moral test? 1

Ian Dunt writes in Politics UK about how homeopathy provides a moral test because it functions as a litmus test for belief in objective truth. His argument rolls out as follows … There’s no point going into the research – there’s nothing left to say. Homeopathy is no more effective than a placebo. So when people say that it works, they are not just expressing a whacky view about alternative medicine, they are saying something more profound: that their intuition, or […]