Will humans become more religious or less religious?

I suspect that most of you reading this already know the answer to the question and might perhaps be surprised that I am asking it. So why am I asking it? Well basically because there are competing voices, some of which do argue for quite different answers and then when you ponder over why, you find that they draw upon statistical fiction to arrive at a distinctly different conclusion. OK, so let’s work the question and see what we find. David Robertson, […]


Bangladesh’s shameful response to the murder of Nazimuddin Samad

A couple of weeks ago in Dhaka, Bangladesh law student Nazimuddin Samad (pictured above), 28, was walking down a busy street near Jagannath University where he studied when suddenly he was surrounded by a gang of religious thugs who had been waiting specifically for him. They then proceeded to hack at his head with a machete, then when he fell, shot him with a pistol to ensure he did not survive. The “crime” with which these delusional fanatics had self-appointed themselves as his judge, jury and executioner, was his willingness and […]


The non-conversion of Christopher Hitchens

It is perhaps inevitable that claims of deathbed religious conversions pop up for most well-known people, because religion is basically an emotional experience and not an intellectual one, so an appeal to your emotions that runs along the lines of “Look, here is somebody famous who converted, you should do so as well”. The problem with such emotional appeals is that when you investigate, you often discover that it is not actually true at all. A rather famous example is […]

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Has a nearby Earth-like planet just been discovered?

If you read the Daily Mail, then you might indeed be tempted to think that another earth-like planet had been discovered. The Daily mail within its “Science” section has all the exciting details .. There is one ever so tiny detail here that may be worth pointing out, it is not actually true. The term “Scientists Spot” is not factual, and it is the words “May Exist” that perhaps offers the clue here that things are not quite as presented. It […]


Really Daft Claim: “Stonehenge Built by Race of Satanic Giants”

Whenever I think I’ve heard all the truly daft religious claims, up pops somebody who is quite determined to push the envelope out into new unchartered and quite bizarre crackpottery. It comes via a chap who appeared on the Jim Baker show, and given that Mr Baker is himself a few clowns short of a full-blown circus, it should come as no surprise to discover his guests are not exactly anchored within our reality, but appear instead to be residents of Narnia who have simply […]


Myth or Fact? – Christians being tossed to the Lions

So the following popped up in my Facebook feed this morning, and it surprised me. OK, so let’s dig into this and see if we can work out what is really true. The Colosseum If you narrow the claim down to just the Colosseum, which is also referred to as the Flavian Amphitheatre, then it is true that it was not built until 80 CE, and that is after the demise of Nero who killed himself (or at least forced somebody to […]