Fossil Fuel is killing us – Clean Air has huge benefits

clean air

Health Care does not come for free, it carries with it a considerable cost. Our use of Fossil Fuel is impacting our long term health. As we consume fossil fuel we are also pumping rather a lot of stuff into the air we breath, namely sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. There is also of course … Read more

3-year-old girl killed in “exorcism”

Last September 3-year-old Arely Naomi Proctor died. She should still be alive today. Unfortunately, those around her, those responsible for her care, were convinced that she was possessed by an evil spirit. The reason for writing about this now is that there has been an update. Police have arrested two more relatives. One is Rene … Read more

New discovery about Egyptian Hypatia Stone are truly astonishing – It came from beyond our solar system

Further research into a distinctly unique rock that was found in Egypt back in 1996 has been throwing up a few deep astonishing surprises. The stone itself has been named the Hypatia stone. After some very careful and detailed analysis by researchers at the University of Johannesburg the conclusion is this … This rock does … Read more

Bizarre Claim: Unicorns and Flying Fire-Breathing Dragons are real

Ark encounter

The above title is not a parody, somebody is seriously making that claim under the banner of “science”. To be clear, the use of that word is not the scientific data-driven sciency stuff that you will find in credible science journals, but instead is “science” as taught by Answers In Genesis. Who? It comes via … Read more