1. Dave Gamble

    Clearly you are trolling mikiestar, Doyle believed that fairies were real. Criticism of that daft belief is wholly appropriate … or do you also assert that fairies are real?

  2. vock

    One cannot know whether or not fairies are real. Why do you assume they are not? Because you cannot see them? What about the people that can, those assumed crazy? Weren’t people called crazy if they believed that the earth was round and not flat just a few centuries ago? Back when there was no photoshop a photo was pretty concrete proof. So, then, Conan Doyle wasn’t so far off as you’ve labeled him to be. In addition, the job is not to eliminate possibility, the job is to eliminate IMPOSSIBILITIES. Once that is done then whatever remains is true. Does that mean that EVERYTHING that remains must be true? No. But from what remains, after the impossible has been ruled out, the truth will be within. It is up to you to string together the most coherent truth.

  3. Doyle’s comments about eliminating the impossible seems plausible. He did not say everything else was plausible or highly likely, simply that it was not impossible. Re: the discussion of fairies, an old legal maxim seems very applicable, “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” While I have no reason to conclude that fairies exist, I am unable to offer incontrovertible proof they do not.

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