QED Tickets are selling out fast – #QEDcon

QED, a grassroots driven skeptics conference, is scheduled to take place on 14-16 Oct in Manchester, and tickets are selling out fast. They just sent me this email … QED 2016 tickets selling quickly—get yours before they’re gone! Tickets to QED 2016 are still on sale, and already we’re set […]

Does Ray Comfort really have the “Atheist Killer” question?

One specific thing that evangelist Ray Comfort appears to be quite good at is drumming up a bit of marketing hype for something that actually has no real substance at all, but we should not be surprised by that because that essentially is what his entire career is all about. His […]

The Atheist Delusion

Some Twitter Fun

Nothing too serious today and instead just a bit of twitter fun. Many organisations see twitter as an opportunity to reach out to their customers, but hey, people are people and so the observation that everybody is “normal” until you get to know them can at times prove to be […]

Pokémon Go the ultimate religious lunatic detector

What happens when Pokémon Go meets fanatical religious belief in Saudi Arabia? I’m speculating about your thoughts, but my guess it that you will most probably conjurer up mental images of lots of little Pokémon being beheaded, and that is not too far from the truth. We have been here before, because […]

Guardian refused to publish Comedian Frankie Boyle’s article – here it is, enjoy.

The UK Comedian Frankie Boyle (pictured above) has a very sharp tongue that you really really don’t want to be on the receiving end of. What he says and writes can not only be hilariously funny, it often is laced with a few gems of truth as well. It is […]

Weird Demands: Pat Boone Wants Blasphemy Laws to Punish Saturday Night Live

Pat Boone, yes the singer not somebody with a similar name, feels that Saturday night live went too far with a recent parody and he would like to see a blasphemy law put in place to prosecute them for “Blasphemy”. This happened a few days ago on the April 22, […]