Critical Thinking

UK’s NHS to Blacklist homeopathy .. hopefully.

This has been announced by the Good Thinking Society … Simon Singh and the Good Thinking Society have today welcomed the decision of the Department of Health to consult on adding homeopathic remedies to the NHS ‘Blacklist’.  Following a proposed judicial review by the Good Thinking Society(1), the Department of Health have announced a consultation to consider including homeopathic products in Schedule 1 to the National Health Service (General Medical Services Contracts) (Prescription of Drugs etc.) Regulations 2004(2). Schedule 1, aka the […]


Dialogue: Faith vs Reason 1

As a blogger it is perhaps inevitable that I get drawn into discussions on an almost daily basis, and often I learn new things by doing so. One recent example of this concerns an interaction that illustrates the prevailing conflict between reason and faith that can at times manifest. The background context is an article on WND, a site that is described within it’s Wikipedia article as follows … a politically conservative American web site.[2] It was founded in May 1997 by Joseph Farah with the stated intent […]

Science vs Faith explanation

Were the 9/11 Hijackers evil men? 1

The immediate and perhaps most intuitive answer is to suggest “yes”, the 9/11 Hijackers were indeed evil, and to say so without any hesitation. After all, how could anybody not evil sacrifice their life for the pursuit of the mass murder of thousands of innocent people. But it is just not that simple. To label them “evil” is to leap for an instant conclusion that will inhibit any further questions regarding their motivation and so avoids any understanding of what actually […]


Tom Hanks slams cancer quacks

Now here is a nice little snippet, my news filter managed to pluck out a gem from amongst all the usual content-free tinsel and glitter of show-biz gossip within the Yahoo Celebrity category that encapsulates some good critical thinking commentary being deployed by Tom Hanks. First a quick bit of context – Tom Hanks is married to Rita Wilson, and she rather tragically was diagnosed with breast cancer, but happily that is now completely in remission. The experience left him feeling very angry and […]


Tips on how to avoid God from from a Christian 1

Well yes, it is another daft letter written to a paper by a believer, and so while we go though this I have to warn that you will not be informed, but you just might potentially be entertained. Shane Looper, the pastor of Lockwood Community Church in Branch County, Michigan, writes … Avoiding God is no easy task. Many people who try it fail. It takes effort. It calls for constant vigilance. As C. S. Lewis, reminiscing about his days […]


Changing your mind about Sam Harris and “New Atheists”

I’ve often been astonished at the manner in which Sam Harris is demonised. Various claims abound about him being Islamophobic, racist, a bigot, etc… and yet when you dig into what he is supposed to have said, it often turns out to be a rather stark contrast to what is actually being said. To give you a very simplistic example, suppose he wrote or said something like this … All black people are apes, all white people are apes, we […]