Critical Thinking

How did Women vanish on Live TV?

The following clip has caused a bit of a stir on the Internet. It shows a chap being interviewed, and as you watch, the lady on the left just vanishes. What happened, was it aliens, the rapture, or something else? If it was the rapture then I guess that makes her the only true believer. First, let’s look at the clip itself … So what happened? Clearly it has caused a bit of interest, the clip has only been up for […]


Claim: “Atheists believe too” 1

Father Robert Willson writes a letter in which he rolls out the grand old claim of “Oh, but you atheists also have faith”, and then proceeds to list a long litany of things that atheists are supposed to believe in.So let’s comment on that as we proceed to examine his claims … I agree that Einstein was not a religious believer in the conventional sense but he had a profound awareness of the mystery at the heart of the universe […]


The Atheist who found God

Christian apologist Joel Lurches has written a conversion story within the Examiner that I’ll take a quick peek at today. It basically concerns the conversion of a Norwegian Atheist and Feminist Nina Karin Monsen to Christian. A conversion story is of course one the primary means of Christian apologetics. It is never ever “Look, here is some evidence that confirms why my claim is true”, but rather is, “Here is somebody who converted, don’t you want to also convert just like they did?”. Let […]


Claim: “God is outside our universe, hence is beyond science” 2

Adam Ericksen, the Education Director for The Raven Foundation a religious group that promotes non-violence, has recently blogged the rather common claim that God is not part of this universe. My intent here is not to specifically criticise Mr Ericksen nor the Raven Foundation, but to instead highlight it because it is simply one example of this rather common rebuttal to an expression of disbelief. He starts off by writing  …. Atheists will sometimes challenge us to prove that God exists. […]


Why the way you think will potentially determine your belief

An article by Will M. Gervais and Ara Norenzayan that was published in Science back in 2012 suggested that Analytic Thinking Promotes Religious Disbelief, and if curious to see the precise details of that paper then you will find the full PDF for it here. So let’s dig into this a bit and see what it is all about. It is interesting because normally when thinking about religion, the question being asked is “Why do people believe?”. This turns that question around and […]


Carl Sagan’s thoughts on Socialism

While being interviewed back in 1989 Carl Sagan was asked “Are you a Socialist?” You can almost hear Ted Turner treating the word “socialist” as an almost derogatory term, and so this was perhaps tossed at him as if he was being asked if he was a child molester. The answer Carl gives reflects his character and gives us a glimpse, not just of his politics, but of the insights that he brought to any and every topic he turned his mind […]