Critical Thinking

Why is pseudoscience so enticing?

We are awash with pseudoscientific claims that look scientific, dress scientifically, sound sciency, but in reality are not. We need never look too far nor too hard to find an example, and so clearly such public popularity should perhaps cause us to pause and wonder why it is like this, why do so many cling on vigorously to ideas and claims that simply do not withstand any serious analysis because they don’t have any real evidence to back them up. Dr. […]

Labels for Humans

It strikes me as rather odd that at times we often deploy very generic labels to describe others, and by doing so belittle and greatly distort who they actually are. Take for example the religious labels we use … “Christian”, “Muslim”, “Hindu”, etc… or the sub-categories we sometimes break these down into, such as “Catholic”, “Evangelical”, etc… what does such a label mean, what does it communicate, and what is the actual reality? Take for example the word “Muslim” … “I’m […]


Is the Shroud of Turin really Jesus? 1

Within a previous posting from a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the supposed reconstruction of the face of Jesus, and that was shared on Facebook. There one commenter suggested … The only real picture of Jesus son of Mary is the one imprinted upon the linen cloth popularly known as the holy shroud kept in Vatican. The cloth bears the human blood stains and is most probably original. I then asked what convinced him that it was indeed real. He […]


Does abstinence-only sex education work?

The TL;DR; answer is no, it does not work. In 2007 the federal government commissioned a study to look into it all, and the results are here in a PDF. The executive summary lays it all out quite well, and basically reveals that the millions they spend promoting an abstinence education policy was completely wasted because it had no impact at all. Be warned, if you wade in, you will find that is it a very long detailed report. If you […]

Abstinence-only education results

Claim: “Poor people are genetically inferior”

This has been doing the rounds … There are potentially a couple of rather important points here, but they are all trumped by one key one. We could perhaps start by taking this as a cue for an immediate rant because it is quite frankly an abhorrent idea for an elected official to promote and so it not only deserves, but screams out for some appropriate criticism. That however, is not the place to start. Should we perhaps ask ourselves when […]


This week’s Insanity: Invitation to a Chickenpox party

One manifestation of the rising tide of the non-scientific anti-vaccine movement has been the arrival of the pox party. The idea is that when somebody has a kid who has chickenpox they hold a party and invite all their friends around so that their kids can catch it and thus get it all over and done with early. Let me replay that for you … there are parents out there we deliberately expose their young children to a potentially deadly infectious disease because […]