Critical Thinking

Grandmother loses case for getting Magic pills on the NHS 6

If the NHS discarded evidence-based decision making and instead reverted to dispensing alternatives such as magic as the best possible means to cure those who are ill then you would, I both hope and assume, be quite rightly more than a tad concerned. That has in one sense actually been happening, but things are now getting better. If you know me by now that you will instantly grasp that I’m back on the topic of Homeopathy. OK, so for those that […]


But that’s the Old Testament!

As pointed out by the Friendly Atheist, Matt Dillahunty has an interesting video up that looks into the justifications for the dismissal of the Old Testament when you point out that the god described within it is a truly obnoxious character and also promotes some highly immoral guidance. The context of the video is that it is part of the Atheist Debates Patreon project: So when you proceed to point out some of the issues within the Old Testament, the common rebuttal is “But that’s the […]


How do you work out what is fact and what is fiction?

Learning how to work out what is fact and what is fiction is all part of growing up, and so a 4 year old who believes Santa Claus is real is cute. If however a grown adult was seriously asserting that Santa Claus was quite real then we would be quite rightly concerned because clearly something has gone wrong. One illustration of a disruptive factor involves religion, and so in that context there is an interesting study that came out last year […]


Smart does not equate to being right

Dr Jim Pearl is a resident of Hayden Lake who happens to have a PhD. Strangely enough he also holds some truly bizarre beliefs and so he writes an article that outlines his reasons for these bizarre beliefs that starts off with a pro-science stance, then rapidly retreats into an anti-science religious stance. Read and you will discover the deployment of some rather bizarre claims to verify his thinking. For example … Claim: Censorship For the interested nonscientist, a good summary of the censorship of […]

quantum consciousness … what the heck is that? 3

Stuart Hameroff has a HuffPo article within which he writes an open letter to Richard Dawkins and Michael Shermer, and having looked, I really can’t resist the urge to plug in a few additional thoughts … Dear Richard and Michael, I read your lament that some people leave religion for ‘something worse,’ Deepak Chopra’s spirituality.  I would say that in the areas of (1) evolution, (2) consciousness and (3) the nature of reality, Deepak’s view is closer to scientific truth than is yours. […]


How can you test an Ouija Board?

In a darkened room group of people gather around a traditional Ouija board, everybody then puts their hands on a small heart-shaped piece of wood and ask a question. In response the spirits mysteriously make it move to give an answer …. oooh spooky, and obviously proof that something supernatural is going on. Oh wait a second, because all it not quite as it appears to be. The chap doing this is Mark Edwards and I know him quite well, he is an american mentalist […]