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  1. caBst

    “OK, try this then, would you be prepared to dress up as a Nazi and parade about outside the local synagogue once a year?”
    Nice strawman. Show me a country where this happens and perhaps then I’ll start taking you seriously, you idiotic prick.

    I’m not even white, I’m very dark myself and just to think that some people want to destroy traditions just because they’re “racist” makes me feel sick. If the Africans don’t like (though I’ve never seem them complain, just the anti-racist whites) they can kindly go back to Africa and have their traditions over there.

    Going over and over on the things done in the past is destroying Europe. I’m not saying “be racist”, just don’t be stupid. If we were on and on banning things that offend people, we would all be gray and bland robots thinking the same thing.

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