Irish Taoiseach says he has been branded a ‘murderer’ for his stance on Abortion

The Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, explains to the Irish Parliament that …

“I am now being branded by personnel around the country as being a murderer. I’m going to have on my soul the death of 20 million babies. I’m getting medals, scapulars, plastic foetuses, letters written in blood, telephone calls all over the system and it’s not confined to me.”

Why, what hideous crime is he being accused of? He simple supports the constitutional rights of women in Ireland to have a termination of a pregnancy in specific circumstances, where there is a threat to the life of the mother.

So yes … lets not abort a fetus that will die anyway, instead let us stand back and allow both mother and fetus die.

Indeed yes, these utterly clueless religious gobshites are so ensnared by irrational religious thinking that they do not realise that their supposed pro-life stance is in fact the perfect recipe for religiously imposed murder.

Does that happen? Yes it does and has

Confusion over Ireland’s abortion law was a “material factor” in the death of a Asian dentist as doctors put the welfare of her unborn foetus above a growing risk to her life, an official report has found.

… and that is why things need to change in Ireland.

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  1. It’s pretty crazy. We have such a strange relationship in Ireland with abortion. The religious zealot right like to stick their fingers in their ears and pretend that by having no abortion legislation that it doesn’t happen. Thousands travel to England to have then, get pills online or go to backstreet abortionists. They have no concept about protecting people by providing reliable services. Things are slowly changing here. For the first time ever legislation on abortion is being made against the wishes of the Catholic church…it’s a small step but one in the right direction.


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