Somebody at USA Today has lost the plot and has a go at Richard Dawkins

There is a rather strange article in US Today here that claims …

How is raging atheist Richard Dawkins “celebrating” World Youth Day? While Pope Benedict blesses a million youth in Madrid, Dawkins is promoting the latest event of the “Secular Europe” campaign, launched in 2008, to attack Vatican influence.

“Raging” … seriously!!! He refuses to go along with their silly supernatural claims, spells out the facts and gets labeled “Raging” for doing so.

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Science and religion aren’t friends

Great article in USA Today by Jerry Coyne … picture in your mind an image of distraught believers splattering their breakfast out as they read this … Atheist books such as The God Delusion and The End of Faith have, by exposing the dangers of faith and the lack of evidence for the God of … Read more