Is technology use impacting the brains of our kids?


I do wonder if the line that defines a distinct technology gap is marked by those that see kids with phones and respond with a shake of their head as they mumble about it eating their brains, and those that don’t notice because they are busy surfing the web on their mobile. There is a … Read more

Mars One debunked

When I’ve previously written about Mars One, the Dutch proposal to send people there on a one-way trip, I’ve expressed a considerable degree of doubt that the entire enterprise was in any way a realistic proposition, and while I would truly love it to be real, I’ve never thought it was, there are simply too … Read more

Technology Twists : Friend of the Printer

Sometimes technology has very unexpected and surprising side effects. Not sure what I’m on about? OK, let me relate to you a real-life recent example. We all love Printers … but they run out of toner or ink, and until you order more, your need to render your beloved electronic text into flat-dead-tree format is … Read more