Amanda Berry is alive and well … and proves Sylvia Browne to be a fraud

The news is fabulous, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight who vanished 10 years ago were assumed to dead have been found alive and well … but you now know this, it would be hard not to, it has been quite rightly plastered all over every news cast. What can I add that has … Read more

Comforting News About Our Departed Celebrities

This is a copy of a JREF SWIFT post that is here (Yes, I’m a JREF fan)

Written by James Randi
Friday, 25 February 2011 20:37

Yes, Sylvia Browne has yet another book out, one which she might even have written herself! There are certain magical aspects to it even when you first lay eyes on the cover. Sylvia has apparently undergone an enchanted transformation, losing at least 30 years!  The book is Afterlives of the Rich and Famous, and features several accounts of celebrities who’ve passed away, and what they’re up to in heaven. Wow!

You see, Sylvia’s “spirit guide” Francine communicates the messages of the deceased celebrities to her. Francine speaks with such luminaries as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson. Browne recently explained such burning matters as the afterlife, where heaven is, exactly, and some heady predictions she has for the upcoming year. She even handled the question about those phony psychics who use the same techniques she does:

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