#JeSuisIkea #IStandWithSweden

The Sweden claim was simply too good an opportunity, especially after Mr T doubled down with it. It was then inevitable that the  #JeSuisIkea tag or similar would become a bit of a fun spot for many to troll him. First,let’s dig into the claim itself. What actually happened? While speaking last Saturday (18th Feb) at a rally … Read more

True Political Integrity … Sweden’s foreign minister

By its very nature the cut and thrust of politics is to some degree about compromise, but for some things compromise really should not an option. There might indeed be squabbles about how much to borrow and spend, and what to spend it on, so sorting out such conflicting interests is where compromise is perhaps wholly appropriate, but … Read more

Saudi Arabia and Sweden clash over human rights violations

This is truly great news, Saudi Arabia is starting to really feel the heat and Sweden is leading the charge. The UK’s Guardian reports … A clash between Sweden’s progressive foreign policy and the harsh realities of the Middle East has escalated with Saudi Arabia’s withdrawal of its ambassador after Stockholm tore up an arms … Read more