Video: Climate scientists discuss record lows in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice

Carbon Brief has a nice video up in which Climate Scientists briefly answer a few key questions regarding the recent low’s of both the Arctic and also the Antarctic sea ice. Let’s first ask – Who are “Carbon Brief”? Their “About Us” page lays it all out … Carbon Brief is a UK-based website covering … Read more

Trust Me, I’m a Scientist

Great article in the latest Scientific American by Daniel T. Willingham. He is a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia and the author of “Why Don’t Students Like School?”. His article discusses why so many people choose not to believe what scientists say, so is of direct interest to skeptics.

A friend of mine has long held that a vaccination his son received as an infant triggered his child’s autism. He clings to this belief despite a string of scientific studies that show no link between autism and vaccines. When the original paper on such a link was recently discredited as a fraud, my friend’s reaction was that it will now be more difficult to persuade people of the dangers of vaccination. He is not alone: nearly half of all Americans believe in the vaccine-autism link or are unsure about it.

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