Weird Religious News – Trump’s Unicorns


The word weird is of course wholly appropriate for the blend of religion and right-wing politics. Other words that naturally come to mind include “delusional” and “fantasy” because these are folks who don’t just read books about Narnia, but instead they have moved in, taken up residence, and live there. This is a place where … Read more

Weird Religious News

weird religious news

When you scan the output from the religious-right, then perhaps the word “Weird” is a bit of an understatement. You have to wonder if they seriously believe the claims that they promote, or if they are simply grifters playing a religious card. It is most probable that we have a full spectrum that runs from … Read more

Why are Christians in the US the most persecuted minority?


The Psychologist Valerie Tarico wrote an interesting article in RawStory last Sept entitled … Here’s why right-wing Christians think they are America’s most persecuted In there she discusses the truly weird belief that a recent poll found within the right-wing belief community … A recent Pew study found that white American Evangelical Christians think they experience … Read more