Daft Claim: vi-aqua is a Device that makes water wetter and increases the output of vegetables and fruits by up to 30 per cent

The Irish Independent ran a story a couple of days ago that makes some rather outrageous claims … A GROUNDBREAKING new Irish technology which could be the greatest breakthrough in agriculture since the plough is set to change the face of modern farming forever. It is talking about a product called Vi-Aqua that has been … Read more

Andrew Wakefield handed award for …. ‘lifetime achievement in quackery’ … it is well deserved.

The Guardian reports that … Andrew Wakefield, the doctor struck off the medical register for his discredited research that claimed to find a link between autism and theMMR vaccine, can add another honour to his list this Christmas: the inaugural Golden Duck award for lifetime achievement in quackery, set up by the science writer Simon Singh. It is … Read more