Its “Rapture” day tomorrow .. but what about the pets?

As I’m sure you all know, tomorrow (21st May) is “rapture” day. For believers it is yet another of the almost monthly predictions regarding the end-of-the-world, and just like all the previous predictions, this one will also be a dud, so for the non-believers, it simply marks the day prior to our post-rapture mocking.

In fact, the only reason we all know about this specific prediction is because the senile nutcase that made the claim has successfully managed to con many into paying over $3 million for advertising. It is truly heart breaking; this complete gobshite has convinced folks such as retired subway worker Robert Fitzpatrick into blowing his entire $140,000 life savings on an ad campaign in New York city.
I have no idea how that poor bloke will manage to pick up the pieces when reality comes knocking as the sun rises on 22nd May.

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