Mike Adams and YouTube – Freedom of Expression?

Mike Adams has had his Natural News channel obliterated from YouTube. (Insert cheering crowd here). First, let’s clear something up. In a recent rant about this quite official YouTube ban a few days ago he made a claim about this being a violation of Free Speech (I’m not linking to it, you can google it … Read more

Are GMO’s bad, does low cancer amongst Amish prove that?

Living a rather isolated lifestyle from the rest of us are the Amish community.  They are a religious group generally located in Pennsylvania as a result of an 18th century migration, and numbers at roughly 220,000 individuals. Natural News (yes “that” Natural News) has been using them to assert a claim in the context of the observation that … Read more

Weird Claim: David Gorski is the dark side of the force

So Mike Adams of Natural News (known to many as woo central), has a rather bizarre series of articles in which he attempts to make a series of fraudulent claims regarding his arch Nemesis, David Gorski. Now before we get into the latest updates, you might be wondering who the players are here, so let’s do … Read more